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The most common questions

We are still in the finalization of development, so some elements are likely to be changed.
The price is not precisely defined, but it will be between
20 000 € and 25 000 €, depending on the level of equipment chosen (trailer included).

We had the pleasure of presenting our prototype across France this year at various shows, as well as in our showroom. Now it is back in our workshop for us to make the latest improvements.
Please be patient until the presentation of the final version is out.

At the same time, we are discussing with our various partners to set up our distribution network across the globe and the Tipoon will soon be available near you…

Once the last points of development are completed, the production should begin at the end of the year 2018.
We do our best so that the first models are on the roads during the first half of 2019 in France and then very quickly abroad!

Only one personalized model will be proposed at first,
but other versions will come later!
In particular, a 4x4 model for off-road use, a chassis-mounted version and other surprises…

The pre-bookings are now closed, it will now be necessary to wait for the launch of marketing planned at the beginning of the year 2019 to order your model!

In the meantime we invite you to give us your contact details on our CONTACT page to stay in touch with the latest progress of the project and be updated with our calendar.



For curious adventurers !

TIPOON THE TRAVEL MACHINE is a mobile and expandable pod that can be temporary or permanently fixed to a trailer.
That means that you will have a trailer registration, and TIPOON will be concidered as a carry luggage. 

A simple action from a remote control. It stabilizes, opens and unfolds in a few seconds to make room for different elements of comfort. And for safety reasons, it will always be possible to open and close the cell manually.

All modules consist of a honeycomb aluminum body, almost completely recyclable, widely used in aeronautics, less polluting and offering a significant weight gain while ensuring a good level of insulation.

During shorter stops, especially on motorway areas, it will be possible to use the semi-opening position. In this case the sleeping part will only open by half wich will allow access to all items (the permanent bed, refrigerator, the bathroom and a half-table for lunch for example ...) while holding in a standard parking space!

The fresh water and waste water reserves
(approximately 2 x 50 litres) will be located at the front under the bathroom section.
The filling and emptying will be done from the outside simply using a pipe.

The Tipoon will be electrically autonomous. Equipped with a battery it can also be connected to the electrical network. To extend the autonomy during longer stays, solar panels (200w env) will be available as an option.
For heating several solutions will be available depending on the season and your wishes.