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Tipoon : from conception to reality


Thank you to our supporters for helping this fantastic project become reality.

May 2014

1. The idea

“I wanted to create a slightly “magical” solution applying sleek lines to the somewhat dull and sobre shapes of a traditional caravan or trailer – something beautiful that would be with me at home or while away, and something light that was easy and convenient to tow for those unplanned weekends (or weeks) away from it all. My biggest challenge was to create a compact and moveable structure without compromising the interior living space; I didn’t want life inside to be cramped or restricted. My time away from home would need to be comfortable to be relaxing. And of course, freedom comes from traveling light. Marrying these requirements took me to the first designs for the “Tipoon, the Travel Machine” (Jean #Designer)

September 2014

2. Idea validation

The formal idea was put before a jury of experts from the Entrepreneur Network for their view. The project was approved unanimously and received the panel’s prestigious Innovation Award for 2014. The panel’s support gave us the impetus to carry the Tipoon project forward, so much so that we were then backed by the French Public Investment Bank (BPI), French Patents Office (INPI) and our local council (Pays de Loire).

September 2015

3. Conception

Turning an idea into hard, physical reality required hundreds of hours of planning, drawing, machining, polishing and a few tears! Reliability and solidity were fundamental cornerstones towards which we, together with our partners and supporters, worked tirelessly towards. And brought us towards putting the concept onto wheels..

December 2016

4. The prototype

“Taking the 3-D computer design into a life-size prototype was almost a child-like adventure: receiving and unwrapping our “top secret” tailor-made parts from across the globe/France/Europe/the EU to assemble them into a fully-functional (but slightly odd-looking) and full-sized “Meccano” contraption. Then there was more disassembly and just a few tweaks until we finally got to a finished prototype and… happy days! (Laurent #Prototype builder)

January 2017

5. Concept launch

“There’s nothing better than locking yourself away in your top-secret workshop and building your own inventions… But there does come a time when you have to submit your inventions to external scrutiny. The time had come for the public presentation of our concept: Tipoon, the Travel Machine. And very shortly afterwards, with photos and videos.” (Charlie # Communication).

April 2017

6. First Unveiling to the Public

Tipoon’s first public unveiling at the Corcoue sur Logne Adventure Vehicle Expo. Drawing compliments and interest, it was even more than we had hoped for: things were now really looking up.

November 2017

7. Fund-raising

Thanks to our ambassadors and partners, we raised all of the funds we needed to put Tipoon into commercial production. 

January/ February/ March 2018

8. Commercial Launch and Production

Having moved into our new production facility and recruited skilled staff, the team is now “battle ready” for production and delivery of the first Tipoons in June 2018.